It’s amazing how social media helps me find best places to eat. A random post from a Facebook friend, a hashtag, a food porn on Instagram can lead me anywhere.

The downside is, if you believe the reviews and some rants, your spirit might be dampened.

So I post a Facebook status to which friends commented with their suggestions and tips. One said, if you never try, you’ll never know. Another told me about the parking space and another what to order. I love social media. Gets you out of your dilemmas. lol


One fine morning, a friend flew in from Davao and has a window of few hours before she travels to Baguio. I wanted to meet her. Friendship takes effort. Friendship knows no distance  and time. Last time we saw each other was 3 years ago when I brought her to Krocodile Grill at Greenbelt Makati. My shift ends at 6am. All the way from the south, I traveled approximately 24 km via Skyway to Mandaluyong to meet her for breakfast. The question is where should we eat.

I consulted my bestfriend, Google. Kanto Freestyle daw.

I consulted my other BFF, Grab. Malapit lang sa hotel ng friend ko. Just one kilometer from GoHotels Robinson’s Cybergate.

At P140 pesos, peak rate for Grab, we went to find Kanto Freestyle. Manong said, simpleng kainan lang pala. He was listening to our chitchat of what to order like New Zealand beef tapa before he made that remark. Well, dedma.

It is a hole-in-the-wall restaurant. We went to the first branch which is in:

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast, Mandaluyong

Telephone: (02) 4002268

549 San Joaquin Street, Plainview, Mandaluyong City

It was an adventure going there first time. Here is the guide.


I call it elevated eatery or karinderya not because of the look and feel of the place but because of the gourmet dishes on the menu which lead me to think that it is also a affordable iHOP because of the pancake choices and menu in general.


Check out how the About page from Facebook:

Tapsihan Uplifted! (Sossy Tapsihan) We’re open 24/7 549 San Joaquin St. brgy Plainview, Mandaluyong City call us thru 4002268

More than a term used for the usual local point of meeting and reference among Filipinos, The term Kanto is a homage to the familiar Filipino source of affordable yet delectable food. What is Freestyle Breakfast…a new term and buzz word



More then the experience, the food was great and to have shared it with a treasured friend was the best part of it.

The name of the place says it all. KANTO and FREESTYLE. You don’t go there to criticize and complain. I have unlearned the negative reviews and comments. 

See for yourself and rave about it on your social media after. Just like what I am doing. 

It is amazing how you will find a place like this through my blog, my facebook post, my Instagram and hashtags. It might lead you to KANTO FREESTYLE too. 🙂