Vemouth – the closest thing I get to researching what Vemouch means. However, Vemouth blanc is a 1920’s drink known in the classic The Great Gatsby which I did  a book review when I was 14.

At first I thought it was a fancy Italian restaurant my husband is talking about with much enthusiasm when he and his online gaming friends went for an almost midnight snack – rice and chicharong bulaklak and tapa.

It turns out that it is a “tapsi” place. With Tapsi place I mean, a place where you can dine and order anything with rice and egg and one viand, usually tapa. But at Vemouch, you can customize your meal and even get 3 viands, 1 rice and egg.

So where is this Vemouch place located?

It is located in 849 Sta. Rosa 1, Noveleta Cavite. Here is their Facebook page in case you get lost. They reply to messages.


At first glance, it look like a family garage. Once you are in, you know that it is. My husband was schoolmate with the son of the owners of Vemouch. I learned that it has been running for almost 5 years already. VIVA VEMOUCH! Let’s put it in Italian frenzy since at first I thought it is.

I love Vemouch for it’s homey atmosphere. If you actually go in the afternoon, there is a feeling of being just in front of a beach. The best thing about it is that the owner mingles with the diners and usually talks about how Vemouch started as I overheard him talking to a couple who did a Sunday stroll in their motorcycle just to find this place.


When we were  there, my husband’s classmate came and parked after our car and he has to move back to give way to us since we were done eating. That is just one small problem you might encounter since it is a family garage and people just have to be nice. Anyhoo, the usual hi and hellos were exchanged and I was introduced as well. It was a nice bit of a chat with the owner.

Before I forget, we ordered 2 viands each:

Mine is this: Tapa and Lechon kawali with well done egg and fried rice.


My husband ordered tapa, bulaklak, sunny side up egg and fried rice.


All for less than 300 with soda and ice.

We were so full and happy. Viva Vemouch!

Until next tapa hunt,