I rate the food and place: ★★★★★

Budget: 300-600 2 persons (this is with dessert)

My husband and I enjoy Saturday or Sunday drive within Cavite. One weekend, we were on the road doing our usual carpool karaoke to the 90’s songs playing on the radio, when we chance upon tangerine-lit coffee place.

I was adamant at first because I was thinking of heavy dinner – with rice. It was my cheat day and why would I not want rice. I was craving for chelo kebab and biryani rice that time.

My husband parked at what seemed a convenient roadside parking along Covelandia. And the rest as they say is history.


Coffeeville is located in Covelandia. It is not easy to miss it as it is well lit with a karaoke bar beside it. They are open from 8:00AM to 11:00PM. Their exact location is:

2nd Floor ZRG Building, Pulvorista St. Covelandia Road, Binakayan



Price range for our Sundate is: 400PHP

Please see their facebook page  here: Coffeeville’s facebook page

It was probably less than 100sqm space with seats outside. The only thing I want to comment on is the arrangement of tables and chairs. There seem to be a need for better interior design to make better room for diners.

Anyhoo, it was well lit and the walls are decorated with what almost look like a Pinterest wall from my perspective. We had a good time reading them while waiting for our orders.


We came in at around 9pm and there were 3 tables occupied. I thought it was already time for curtain call when people started swarming in. I heard there are acoustic bands who played there usually during weekends. At that time, no band was scheduled. I would love to catch live music next time and maybe jam with one song.

The Menu:



I was delighted to see the tarp that shows some for their best seller meals before we head up the stairs to Coffeeville. They have Tapang Taal which we both ordered. I had Coke and my husband had white frappucino.

The meal was orgasmic. I think that the rice was herbed and the chef cooked the our eggs as requested: mine is scrambles and my husband’s has to be sunny side up. Tapang Taal was slow cooked to perfection as we can smell and taste the almost caramelized natural oil. We were raving about the meal at first bite. Even the vanilla frap was really something worth blogging about.

We were so happy we want to have a selfie with the chef.

We were so happy we went back the next day for merienda as I want to try their lasagna and coffee. Too bad lasagna was not available but I took some photos nonetheless just so I can have daylight photos of the place. You can see the Cavitex from outside.It is really nice to go there at any time of the day, I would say.


One thing I would recommend is that to make the food on the menu available like the following which both me and my husband looked forward when we went back but weren’t available:

Wagyu Burger


We will definitely go back next week!


Until next visit,