Rate:  ★★★★ Budget: 100-170 Best time to visit: 11AM-11:30AM

Nathaniel’s by NFC (Nathaniel’s Food Corporation) was founded 22 years ago in Pampanga. I was 11 years old and I live in the south. This is the first time I have heard about Nathaniel’s.    It was Ingrid who told me about the lasagna. So I went to Molito one time. I walked around and got really tired checking expensive-looking restaurants there. I walked from jeepney stop through the parking lot and in the restaurant places within Molito area only to find out Nathaniels is located in front of Molito along Alabang-Zapote road. Whew. Do not look far. Sometimes what you are looking for is right in front of you literally.

I am sorry but Puregold has the same color scheme as Nathaniel’s that made it blend and camouflage itself. So I walked inside on a searing Monday lunch time in the business park area.


For those who would like to visit and dine in, here is the map and the clue where it is located. Just in front of Molito facing Alabang-Zapote road. It is green and blends with 711 and Puregold. If you see screaming blue,white and red Domino’s, just walk a bit.


And now, the menu. Here is what they offer: click for the menu

I was unsure if it is really the one Ingrid is talking about. Do they really offer lasagna? It seems to me like Amber’s type of restaurant that offers barbeque and pancit malabon. So I checked the menu and there it is. Lasagna at P130.


I ordered lasagna and buco pandan ice cream for desert. I was on lasagna hunt that time and so I did not look at rice meals though I was really observing people who are having their lunch. Judging from their meals, I can say I will go back for adobo and sizzling daing na bangus.Lunch meals are served with rice and buttered veggies on the side.

I did not finish my lasagna. It was a big serving and a bit off my taste as it was kind of sweet. Nonetheless, the lasagna will still make it to my top 5. It was a generous serving of pasta, meat and cheese baked to almost perfection. I was unable to wait to eat my favorite dessert. It was one of their biggest best sellers.

They have friendly staff and the serving is quick. It is good to have lunch there at around 11:30AM when the office boys and girls are still heading out of the nearby buildings.


Before you go, do not forget to check out the take out counter full of delicacies, dimsum, desserts, pastries, cake, “kakanin”, rice meals and “merienda”.

Until the next restaurant hunt,

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