I am infatuated. No, I am inlove. It’s Almon Marina on my mind.

Almon Marina has been around since 1990. I am a 90’s kid but I learn and get around being picky eater and a certified foodie in my 30’s.

Anyhoo, here is the link to learn more about Almon Marina and  their menu.

I pass this cozy looking place 5 days a week as it is on the way from the inside of Festival Mall to my office at Commerce Ave. I am a picky eater and foodie at the same time but there is something about this place that intimidates me. I never had the courage to get in.

  1. I feel it is pricey. (lack of research, it was just a google away for the menu)
  2. I feel I will be too exposed because of the interior and architecture of the place. It was cozy but too bright.

One afternoon, I found Jen, our German analyst from the office. I went in and had a chitchat as she was done with her meal. We arranged to have lunch the next day. She highly recommended the place and she was more than happy to accompany me. She was fairly new at the office.

So it turned out I had lunch and dinner and then same thing the next day. I FELL INLOVE WITH ALMON MARINA.

The photos say it all.

Budget: 175-300 per person

Off peak: 8PM for dinner; 1PM lunch

★★★★★ – yes 5 stars and I will go there every payday or once a week.I deserve a good meal for working hard everyday being a mom. daughter, wife, leader and all-around woman.