Taken from Facebook Notes: Oct. 11, 2011


If I can film that day, 9.10.11, I would…Indie style.


I imagine my husband pacing outside the delivery room or the waiting area just like what I see in movies. I imagine my mom silently praying but palpitating for her unica hija. I imagine both of them not knowing whether they want to pee or to poop. (Can I get a copy of the scene caught in CCTV of the hospital? LOL). They must have felt that it was the longest minute/hour/day of their lives.


I had a preview though. Along Imus on our way to the hospital there was a traffic jam and we were caught in the “counterflow”. Husband got out of the car and screamed at the traffic enforcer, “Manganganak na ang misis ko!”. Just like in movies. And enforcer let us pass. Harhar. Before I give birth I told myself, I want a “wang wang” so I can create a scene getting to the ER.



Inside it was serene.


I was calm and jolly. I was making friends with the resident OBs and the intern and the nurses too. Blabbermouth about to give birth, hear me!


I was 9 hours in the Labor Room just across the Delivery Room which is adjacent to the Recovery Room. I had to go through the 3 rooms in order. I was singing How To Save  a Life inside my head remembering episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and House. They did not let me bring anything inside so I had to entertain myself. Besides, it’s my birthday I had to celebrate it with the rest of medical instruments around me.


I was actually enjoying contraction after contraction knowing my baby is about to pop out anytime and I silently wished he pops out before midnight so we share the same birthday. I seriously want a Jolli Kiddie Party!





My husband signed the papers so they can cut me open, suture and close.

Baby delivered @ 7:56PM. I woke up past 12mn inside the recovery room.


First words I uttered, “Where’s my baby? Is he okay? Kumpleto po ba ang mga daliri?” Seriously. Then I closed my eyes again, Narnia land. Still hazy.


They pushed my stretcher and brought me to my room. I heard mom’s, husband’s, in law’s, husband’s brother’s voice. “Si Lon na yun. Si Lon nga yun. Sya na nga.” But I was, sorry for lack of better word, “groggy” from the spinal-epidural. I can’t feel anything. I can’t open my eyes. I was still in Narnia enjoying the snow.




There you go the short version of what happened on 9.10.11.



I still wonder what happens outside the Delivery Room —- I’ll ask them today.

All I know for now is that I am sure they heave a sigh of relief when doctors announced that we are safe – me and Adler.



I am thinking if I should change the title to: FEAR FACTOR. Fyi, giving birth is my top 1 fear of all times. Not anymore. 🙂