It’s Tuesday and it’s muggy. Red sale at Alabang Town Center is over. This is the “it” place of the south. I have never frequent this place even when I worked here in Alabang 10 years ago. I had a few dates with my husband when we were younger. But now, I spend “me” time here. If I have an hour, I get off the mall from van ride. I am a self-confessed mall rat.

It started with Shopwise Mongolian Stir Fry when I work near Festival Mall and my routine includes grocery shopping for coffee and anything that will keep me awake on a daily basis. It’s been running for 3 months and counting.

I did a Google search on which restaurants offer Mongolian cuisine and only find one that is near. It is the Mongolian Quick-Stop. I always see that place in Waltermart in Pasong Tamo Makati when I lived there but never really gotten to go in and order. Mongolian cuisine is an alien concept and I am so engrossed to eating fast food and designer coffee when I was younger. I changed interest and I have better taste now with value for money in mind plus a good dining experience.

So, today, I ordered Mongolian Quickbox at 90php. It is a small serving of the real thing.

But before I let you in some photos I snapped while waiting for my order, I found out that the first branch opened in 1999 just the same place as the first Hen Lin’s which is in Paranaque. Lots of foodie in the south, I say.

Here is the complete story: Know more about Mongolian Quick-Stop, click here.

The verdict is, I like the choices of food. It has variety that you can customize depending on your mood or your cravings.To me, it was a bit expensive for the quickbox at 90 pesos. The full Mongolian bowl at Shopwise only cost 149php.

The best-seller sauce is also sweet and spicy. Mongolian Quick-stop’s whole serving is a bit too salty for my taste.

It is a good experience of food on the go since I was rushing for my 9PM shift.

However, I will not go back. I kinda missed my little spot at Shopwise. I might eat Mongolian Stir Fry there tomorrow. Who knows where I will be seen. I hope to bump into Anthony Bourdain someday and take a selfie with him.



‘Til we run out of veggies for Mongolian bowl,

jadecranemom always