I bet you did not know that Figaro was established in 1993 by 7 college friends.

I wish I was that rich to put up a coffee shop in the 90’s that will still linger to the present.

Here is the full story of Figaro. Just click the link.

More about Figaro’s history

There is always one spot I get comfy with in my favorite nooks. I take ME times seriously and by ME time it means dining along, drinking coffee alone, reading book, people watching or using the establishment’s free wifi with the order of their cheapest meal.

Recently, due to change of job location, I became the mall rat again that I always been. On paydays, I treat myself to nice dinner.

Figaro Alabang Town Center is the perfect place to sit, eat, people-watch just before my shift. I always sit on the same spot and order the same thing: Tuscan Chicken meal with iced coffee at 249php. SUPER VALUE FOR MONEY!

That meal includes: Iced Coffee or Iced Tea, grilled chicken, pasta and green salad.

fig 1

This is my spot. This is where I take selfies seriously. It is near an outlet so I can charge my phone. I am auto connect to their wifi since I visit once a payday.

fig 2

I am a happy camper. Forgive my resting bitch face.

Fig 3

Till there is no more Figaro in Pinas,

jadecranemom always