Let me start with a stimulating photo that will make you get up and find nearest Hen Lin.

This is a YangChow rice and 4 pieces siomai with chili at 62php. A budget-friendly authentic Chinese meal.


Before I review Hen Lin Festival Mall Alabang branch, I  would first give a few trivia. 32 years ago, a couple decided to put up the first Hen Lin in Paranaque. Driven by their day to day activities and errands as couple and parents, they perfected the siomai recipe.  Armed with only 30,000php, they started the business in 1983. We are meant to be. I am born in 1983. LOL sorry, non sequitur. Well it is just comforting to know the history of something you really grown to love and crave most of the time.

Here is the full story if you want to read through.

Hen Lin’s Story

So I am on my way to work and I know I have an important meeting. I know that I am the one to present the deck and I need to be full. Food makes me think better and puts me on my best mood. Hen Lin did it. I winged the whole thing and was commended. I got a “Good Job” from my superior. Hell to the Y-E-A-H. A big part of it goes to Hen Lin that catered to my tummy needs and palate need of chili and calamsi on sumptuous siomai.

Hen Lin is inside Festival Mall beside Reyes BBQ near Shopwise. It is easy to miss it.It took me few months to discover that little nook. I already have a spot. Check the next photo.


That is me taking a selfie before I eat. The place is a little nook where I find inner peace and satisfaction over good food and value for money.


Happiness in a green box. Iba pa rin ang sarap!



Until the next food adventure,

jadecranemom always