I am a self-confessed shawarma addict, it does not matter if with Pita or Rice. If I have a show, it will be – Shawarma Traveler as there are Pizza Traveler, Booze Traveler, Taco etc. I shall taste shawarma and kebab one city at a time.

Today, I discovered the red box frenzy at the Food Choices in Alabang Town Center. For a week already, I have been observing people dining in. Today, I learned that the red box and yellow rice is not from Reyes BBQ as I thought it was. This red box once opened puts a smile on the person’s face and have their seatmate trying out his or her food.

It was this. TURKS Crave for More red box at 99php and additional 10php for extra cheese.


I am not claiming to be a connoisseur but I know shawarma and kebabs.


Value for money, perfect for the price. Sauce,  errr I could use more or maybe it is just me. Rice is cooked just right. The cucumber and glazed or caramelized onion bedding of the chicken doner made it a bit sweet with fresh tomatoes. Again, I could use more. Cheese, I always like cheese on anything.

Overall, I would say it is good value for my money. A good shawarma rice experience. I have tried their Shawarma Pita in beef before and it was good as well. Just perfect for food courts where people look for best food to go.

I still crave and will find Mister Kebab. Afterall, I am your shawarma traveler.

Until there are no more shawarmas in the world,

Jadecranemom always