Ola Readers! It’s been a while since I last posted here – diet review, diet suggestions, diet discoveries. Funny now that I will post restaurant and cafe reviews. Haha. Did I ditch the diet frenzy? Not. I just like to dine alone and savor the ambiance and food like Anthony Bourdain would and some other hosts of food and travel channels I watch.

It has been 5 years since I last ate at Banapple. I remember it was a team dinner in Ayala Triangle. I had tuna sandwich and salad because at the time I was really heavy preggy and I did not want to put on more lbs. It was good food and ambiance at Ayala Triangle. Pretty cozy for team dinner I would say.

Today I went to Banapple in Alabang Town Center not because I was hungry. It was 5PM and the place was not jampacked as it always is when I pass by. I had the urge to go in. Like 5 years ago, the first thing I notice is how small the space is. Good enough for one person dining in, I say.

There were a few tables outside but I opt to sit near the AC because of the searing heat even inside the mall.


I like the chandeliers. I am always amazed by them and fountains and pandas. Lol


Trying my editing skills while waiting for my food. Perks of dining alone is that I am not going to be rude to my companion because I will surely fiddle on my phone – capture, edit, post.


Having said that, I noticed how technology brings people closer together and closer people apart.

Paradox of our times. Just look at the couple not talking probably scanning their timelines.


Finally, my order arrived.

It was a hefty serving for P210 pesos. It is actually good for two people.

I like their lasagna but not enough to make me stop searching for the best one.