Potlucks have been popular for years as the lifeblood of building a strong team. In history, it started in Western North America during the late 19th century where guests bring their own food in a festive meal for everyone to share.


Some potlucks are planned ahead of time, some just started out as craving that ends up as an office dinner. Just like what recently happened in the Philippine office.


Customer Care EU Team carefully plans potluck every other month with a chosen theme. On February 9th, our Global Customer Care VP was here in the Philippine office and was able to join. The theme was to bring food representing the country they are supporting.

Customer Care US Team and a few participants from Technical Team also had an almost similar gathering on February 24th where tasks were divided to cook and prepare dinner in the office.


Both office event brought positive results of team spirit, health and wellness, food to enjoy and making sure we know how to work hard and have fun.

It was something easy to orchestrate. Nonetheless, potlucks are not just about good food but also sharing culture, sustaining employee engagement and hoping to build stronger team.