January 17 Update: 14th day No Rice

Do track. Be the mother tracker.
My bad. I was too busy being a full time employee, a mom and a wife, not to mention superwoman. I failed to track all my activities and changes in diet, also progress on my weight loss journey.

On the 9th day without rice, I weigh in our clinic and found that I lost 3lbs. Not bad eh.

Here are the things I did.

1. Increase water intake.
2. No more softdrinks. Replace with Green and Black tea with honey
3. Cucumber everyday. It became a replacement for my rice intake I guess
4. Read labels when grocery shopping
5. Walk walk walk. I used to take the trike going home which is 10 minute or less walk (helps burn calorie)
6. No sweets, no candies, no chocolates
7.Cardava or Saba – steamed

I felt lighter. I felt more energized and hyper during work hours. I do not struggle going up and down 3rd floor using the stairs in the office.

A simple change can have a great impact. Start now. 🙂

The photo above is my latest collection that I call grocery starter pack for the dieters. I thank my husband for supporting me on this.

Latest addtion to my routine is adding 1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar to my water.


Feel good. Feel Beautiful. ❤

Thank you and spread the love.

Until next update,