That is the title of my autobiography written before I left the academe in 2004.

Here is the back story. In 2002, my father was taken away from us in a gunshot wound. It happened on a Tuesday morning when my mom was busy in the kitchen preparing breakfast. A gunman broke into our home and straight to the master’s bedroom. A bang was heard. Homicide with robbery. It was in the news. A business man in Batangas city was shot dead taking away his 1 million pesos, an omega watch, Nokia 8890 and his life.

After that, I was in darkness.

I got addicted to anything that take away pain. Ibuprofen. Beer. Anything that will make me numb or make me sleep.

I struggled to finish college as I promised both my mom and dad. I did.

Today, I drink again Smirnoff Mule. A six pack gift for my 16th birtday and yeah last birthday gift from my Tatay.

Nostalgia sets in. I am inside my beer bubble again.