I was 15. I saw my mom’s pack of ciggies at home. I took out one stick. Lit it with a match stick. I swear I tasted burnt banana on the first puff.

I never stopped smoking until I had to at 28 when I carried my first born. It was 9 months of no nicotine. I resorted to chocolate and candies galore, hence, my after maternity weight. Started smoking again after a year. Got hospitalized twice. Stopped again fully at 30.

I discovered vape. It was a cheap pencil like,smoke belching stick. It would not give me the satisfaction of the real smoke.

I did not know it was the kind of product I worked hard for fixed rate at Odesk at the launch of E-cig in the US. I earned $30 for that when I was 26.

At 31, my husband gave me Cloupor mini. I did not know it was a premium vape type.  Puff here and there. 0 mg of nicotine, flavored cloud in a rechargable device. All good.

Now learning the pros and cons of vaping. For now, let me puff like Puff the Magic Dragon. A song I learned in my childhood.

Today at 5php a stick, I think twice going back to the real deal.

Forgive my vape selfie.