It was a song reverberating in my head. Marshall Mathers sang it.

A creative writing professor once said, in order for us to clean our closet, we must take everything out first. It was methaporic.

This time, I am taking it literally. I have piles of clothes from 2005 when I first step in Makati to enter BPO life there. Few pounds later, half of my clothing collection never fit me anymore.

Cohabitation and marriage requires space for each others belongings. I swear it can start a fight.

“Saan mo nilagay medyas ko?”

Where did you put my socks?

“Di ko makita and boxers ko!”

I can’t find my boxer shorts!”

And so today at quarter past 2 in the morning when everyone is asleep, I take out everyhing inside my closet. Trying to organize my little chaos and hoping for better energies and good chakras to set in.

Maybe just maybe, cleaning out the closet will be as methaporic as my creative writing prof once said and how she said it.

But tonight I’m cleaning out my closet, said Marshall Mathers and Lon Lao.