I can spread good vibes by blogging.
Information technology is way different when I was 21. I can move and influence people. Being published no longer tops my list.


Today, think of 10 blessings.
1. Thank you son and husband for lunch at home
2. Thank you for some extra moolah
3. Thank you for Adler’s teachers
4. Thank you for my health I can do all tasks as wife, mom and leader
5. Thank you mom for being there
6. Thank you rain. It watered my plants
7. Thank you SkyCable.
8. Thank you Kuya Roni for my daily trike service
9. Thank you Yaya for taking care of son
10. Thank you Libby’s. That corned beef tho
11. Thank you Team and TaskUs

Create your list.
Gratitude is the attitude.