For the 3rd time I will start the 28 day of The Magic again. Thank you for this opportunity to turn my life around again. Today marks my Day 1 and before I get into the activities for my nth first day funk, Rhonda says I need to identify my desires and dreams in all areas of my life.

☆ Health and body
●To maintain effective diet and exercise routine to get my 99lbs body back
●Be healthy and full of energy to d9 things I am responsible for as a mom, wife, daughter and leader
●Vigorous at 31

☆ Career and work
●To be a regular employee on August 9, 2015
●To have kind and genuines friends at work
●To have coworkers who upholds values of company and who works with integrity

☆ Relationships
●To reach 8th year in January 2016
●To maintain fun and loving family
●To be a good parent
●To remail the only one in my husband’s life

☆ Personal Desires
● To have food, shelter and clothing
● To have money to achieve above
● Enjoy life without thinking of how much and waiting for next payday
● Inner peace to achieve all
● Enroll ar CACS and learn cooking professionally

☆ Material Things
● house in Casa Bellisima under my son’s name paid in cash
● 618,000php in my savings account

☆ Money
● a million peso savings account under my name. another million under my son’s name
●a steady income on autopilot. like a business


☆ Self
● be youthful
● inner peace and joy
● Samsung S6
● gratitude everyday
● kindness
● abundace