Here is what happened. Not that anyone is really interested.

I left the last company I worked with in May 2014. I was idle the whole of June. I was a struggling first time mom taking care of a toddler. I almost died. I did not know if what I am doing is right or beneficial to the the fundamental years of my son. I suck at being mom or so I thought.

July, a job offer came. I covered the figures as I know I will be offered less. My market value drop low, like an RnB song. Drop it drop it low drop it low.

I signed.

I was moved by the company`s video and the company`s Core Values. I wanted to elevate that to this growing company. I can still influence.

So to make a long story short, I am with TaskUs for 7 months now. I am handling a brand spanking new team of 17. The company lets me use a laptop which is a first in my 8 years BPO as a leader. I lurk in a station with 2 monitors, usually. Now I am more mobile. I felt I am wiser. I can share and people can learn more from me. I have 8 years experience in tow.

Is leadership my passion? Is writing my passion? Can I do both.

With TaskUs, yes.

On the launch of this promising campaign, I am writing another article that employees will be inspired of and will be published in the company`s monthly newsletter as I did last July and October.

So there, randomly written.

Raw and no proofreading, I shall hit “publish to jadecranemom”. In case someone is too bored and chance upon this blog.