Wow, I can be UFC Bantamweight women’s contender. I am heavier than Pacman. I am 0.7 kg short to be the same weight as Ronda Rousey, the UFC bantamweight champion this year. WOW, like totally!

I was amazed at the weight I gained over the weeks when I went back to consuming rice. It was the Kyoku Dinorado rice at P53 per kilo that mom buys weekly. She cooks it before I come home daily after work. It reeks of pandan smell as she puts a fresh leaf in it. Well, I do not want to pass the blame, especially to that white hot rice. Just thinking about it makes my belly grumble in anticipation.

I had lesser time walking as well in the past weeks as I wanted to spend more quality time with husband as we work different schedules. I only have a window of two hours 5 days a week after work and then we catch up in the morning before I head again to work. Therefore I take jeepney and trike home. That is 15 minutes less of my walking time. No sweat.

Today, I am setting a goal again. Determined now not to lose weight but be healthy. I guess, I backslide and flip over because my purpose is incorrect.

I am doing this all over again to be healthy. I am doing this for myself and not for anybody. They can call me fatso and cheap and ugly but who the hell cares. I am living a healthy lifestyle for my son, mom and husband.

CHEERS to health!!!

I am damn sure weight loss will follow without me being so OC about it. 🙂