I am in retrospect.

I have fallen in love again with my life inside the academe as I remember it.

Paying per hour inside a smelly computer shop just to read PEYUPS.COM — the writings and the articles.

Now I have ignited that passion again. READ READ READ. And just stare and wonder what fast fiction does to my soul. Food for my soul? Yes. And then stare some more thinking when will I get published?

I have found this site and I loved her writing.


And would love to get this book but I no longer reside in the metro. I have secluded myself in an office space across the village where my family rents. Good enough to put food on the table, I say.

I want this book with inner exuberance that erupts from the skin… lol I want it. I need it.


Now I can be  one of the characters of Last Order sa Penguin. “Anong nangyare?”, “Tumanda.”

Ibalik ang nawalang sazz pizazz at razzmatazz.