I admit. I have been so hard on myself for the past 7 days. Torture is the word. For a person who will trade rice for lovelife, this is heartbreaking. I am breaking up with rice. I have replaced it with oatmeal, tasteless crackers, tea with no hint of sugar, pineapple juice.

I miss coffee. I miss bread with thick slice of cheese. Most of all, I miss steamy rice from the cooker that reaks pandan. I am living on cucumber, pineapple and seedless grapes.

It was hard but not impossible. For the first time I was able to button my striped longsleeves. It was momentum. I sat comfortably and didn’t cringe on my seat because I cannot breathe. I feel light.

I did climb 5 flights of stairs twice and I did not struggle for breath. It was amazing. I walked home from work feeling light.

I was wrong. I was not hard on myself. It was not torture. It was discipline for a better, sexier and healthier lifestyle.