I can’t fit into my pants. I need to lie down to zip it up. It is a perspiring task. And when I do get up, it will still protrude the belly fat I so desperately want to hide. It freaks the bejeezus out of me when there was only one pair of jeans that I can wear. The rest are stretchable stuff like leggings, jeggings, harem pants and jazz pants.

Four years ago, my waist size was 24. I wear skinny jeans all the time and strut my way in the streets of the country’s business district where fashion lurks. I was 26 years old then, with long ash blonde curly hair. I deserved that second look.

Then I got preggo at 27. I didn’t think of my body. I just wanted to have a child which a goal I set in mind that at 28 I should already have one, if not settled or married. I did. A day before my 28th birthday, I got married to a wonderful father of my son. The following day, our son came into our lives. I celebrated my 28th birthday under the knife for an emergency C-section after 9 hours of labor which I did not feel pain at all. I was painting my lips mauve lipstick.

I was ecstatic. I fulfilled my dream of being a wife and a mother while I still have a full time job as a leader in one of the biggest BPO companies. I was damn HAPPY. Like ridiculously happy. Married to The One, a son and a career – who wouldn’t be?

The problem is – I eat when I am happy. I eat when I am sad. To add to that, I am an only child who lived independently since I was 16. So when I got reunited with my mom, she cooked all my favorite daily. What can I do? EAT. EAT. EAT. No exercise whatsofreakinever. We lived and still living with her now. I ask her to stop putting pandan leaves while cooking rice. It is the CULPRIT. I cannot resist HOT white rice with any viand. So lo and behold, my waist became directly proportional to my age. Yeah, I will not say it loud. It is excruciating to hear and even read. So DO THE MATH.

And therefore, I can wear no skinny jeans from then. Four years. Mothereffers.

And just about 5 days ago, I decided to change my lifestyle and to focus on being healthy. I know losing belly fat and weight will follow.

Here’s what I did so far:

1. Drink 3000ml of H20 daily to flush out water retention.

2. Cut on rice semi- completely. On Sunday morning I had rice and shrimp with my husband – breakfast in bed. Cheat day already. I derided it. So came number 3.

3. I drink green tea to start my day in the office.

4. I drink tea at night – with senna leaves so I can poop the hell out.

5. I drink pineapple pure juice at snack time with quaker oatmeal cookie.

6. When I feel hungry, I drink more water.

7. I walk from office to home. I can’t do it in the morning as I will be late. I can’t. I am a supervisor and I walk the talk but I can’t walk to work. lol

8. Ditch cravings by looking at my old SEXY PHOTOS. I almost puked.

Today, I had soft tacos with my husband at Army Navy. I did cardio by using the stairs to the pantry. I had 2 servings of green tea already.

My goal now is 4 months from now or less, I can wear my skinny jeans again and strut the mall and cobbled stones of the finest city in my country. Bitch be ready. 🙂